Ways to Give to the Library


Over 60% of our funding comes from direct and indirect contributions, through the Berwick Health and Wellness Fund, trusts and bequests, and special fundraising events. McBride Memorial Library is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation; therefore, donations to the library are tax deductible. We gratefully accept contributions from individuals or groups at any time. Our Annual Fund drive coordinated by the Board of Trustees provides another opportunity for donors to contribute to the library. More ways to support the library are mentioned below.

Please send a check or money order made payable to McBride Memorial Library or visit the library with a cash payment if you prefer. Donations can also be made through PayPal.

Gifts of any amount are appreciated and will be acknowledged to those being honored or their family however, only contributions of $35 (the average cost of a book plus processing) or more will result in a plaque being placed in an item for our collection. McBride Memorial Library thanks you for your generous tax deductible gift.

Volunteer for the Library

McBride Memorial Library is grateful for the support of many volunteers who perform a myriad of tasks such as shelving books, assisting with special events, and lending expertise with children, young adults and adult programs and activities. Please fill out a Volunteer Application and return it to the Library.

Donate Books and Other Materials

McBride Memorial Library accepts donations of books and materials for its book sales held semi annually and throughout the year.

Memorial & Honor Gifts

An honorary contribution to the library fits any occasion – a birthday, an anniversary, a holiday or the desire to honor the memory of a special person.

Monetary gifts may be given for the purchase of physical or online collections, equipment, facility or program support in memory or honor of an individual. Each item is inscribed with the name of the recipient and the contributor and/or added to the online catalog record, as appropriate. A card of acknowledgement is also sent to the individual or family in whose honor or memory the gift is being made.